Dinosaur Footprints, "Greenwashing" and Linking Brains.

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

There have been a lot of interesting science stories in the media lately, so today I'd like to pick up on 3 of them, albeit very briefly.

"Yellow Dinosaur" by Victoria Neblik | (c) victorianeblik.com

Brain Linkage.

First of these is a piece on PhysicsAstronomy.com's website describing and explaining recent scientific research in which "Neuroscientists have effectively connected a three-way brain connection to let three people share their thoughts – and in this situation, play a Tetris-style game. " 
As the article explains, "The group of scientists [responsible] thinks this wild test could be scaled up to link whole networks of humans" The popular science article on physicsastronomy.com can be found here-

Whilst the original scientific paper is online here- https://arxiv.org/abs/1809.08632


The second article of note is a piece about misleading science reportage and so-called "greenwashing" (inaccurate, misleading and/or over-optimistic popular science writing that downplays ecological problems or overstates the acheivements of attemtped solutions)-


[Special thanks to Dr Nadia Khuzayim for bringing that to my attention on social media.]

"Green Dinosaur" by Victoria Neblik (incorporating original and public domain elements)

Austrlia, Reptiles and Dinosaurs.

Over the past few weeks, I have been largely preoccupied with producing 2 popular science magazine articles on reptiles as well as two short book chapters on wildlife in Australia. (More on those when I have a publication date/issue number). So, for this reason, stumbling upon this final link in The Guardian during a break from this work seemed rather apposite-


As the title implies, the article reports newly found dinosaur footprints in Australia.

"Dinosaur News" by Victoria Neblik | victorianeblik.com (incorporating original and public domain elements)

That's all for today. Next post is on Friday.


  1. Australia is a very interesting country with much intriguing wildlife. It seems it also has impressive dinosaur fossils.

  2. Yay! Dinosaurs! More reptile stuff please!

  3. The future of Tetris tournaments is coming and it is creepy!

  4. Love the top picture- very trippy: like a yellow acid dinosaur.


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