"Motionless in an Eternity of Dreaming". Lake Geneva

Good morning!

     After writing several long and involved posts back-to-back, it's time for something a little lighter, so today's entry is short and sweet.

     The biologist-turned poet Joyce Hodgson once described something as "Motionless in an Eternity of Dreaming". I would love to give a more precise reference than that, but she has written several volumes and I forget which volume and poem features the line. The publisher is Brown and Whittaker of Tobermorey. Anyway, the line lodged firmly in my head when I was first shown the book containing it and has remained there ever since. This is relevant because that, to my mind is exactly what this picture (below) is all about: "motionless in an eternity of dreaming". I have a few similar pictures from further along the Montreux/Territet lake shore and that line is always what springs to mind with any of them.

My own connection with Switzerland is partly biological- I originally visited the place for other reasons, but, over time and return visits, I have developped some interest in the region's flora and fauna. Proportionally, quite a lot of the images taken there have ended up in various writing and publishing projects over the years, but, again and again, when it comes to Switzerland, it's the landscape shots that I come back to and it is the landscape photos that I like the most. (For what that is worth). Switzerland is the kind of place that makes you want to be a better landscape photographer, just so you can capture it better.

Next post will be some quotes from famous people... and the usual commentary.
See you next week.


  1. Beautiful line, and a beautiful picture to accompany it. My late grandfather was Swiss originally so I got to visit a few times, a lot of it is really breathtaking (and so incredibly clean! I'm pretty sure littering is an offense punishable by hard jail time over there). It's a bit like what I imagine heaven would be like- beautiful, serene, full of amazing chocolate :)

  2. Switzerland is just toooo beautiful! I love Europe so much. ❤❤

  3. The boats are nice. Lake Geneva's a pretty spot for sailing right-enough.


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