The Beauty of the Desert Part II

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Following last Friday’s pictures of the Negev Desert, this week, I’d like to share a couple of pictures of the Judaean Desert and environs. First up is the view looking broadly eastwards across the Judaean Desert from Mount Scopos in Jerusalem.

Again, I love the calm austerity of the desert landscape. The fact that it is fringed with (artificially irrigated) palms in the foreground of this picture particularly appeals to me.
The second image is the view of Israel and the Palestinian territories from Bethlehem, in the West Bank. 

This area is pretty arid and bordering desert-type landscape. Actually, the Bethlehem and Jerusalem area is really the boundary between Mediterranean climatic zone to the west and desert biome to the East (the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem are around 6km apart). No animal pictures, this time- just landscapes. 

Next post will be on Monday: in the meantime, Happy Weekend.
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