Green Walls

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

A "Green Wall" outside Covent Garden underground station, London. (Picture by Victoria L. Welch)

Today's post is just a few pictures of a so-called "Green Wall" in Covent Garden, London. Not so long ago, green walls were a great rarity: I remember the excitement even just a few years back when Patrick Blanc had one installed on Paris's Quai Branly. It was a high-profile and very worthy project, but not the first such construction- not by quite some margin (by the time it was built, Blanc had done several previous projects in Europe, India and America) (See also Note 1, below). Now green walls are becoming something of a trend. Beautiful as well as ecologically attractive, I think they are very appealing so was very pleased to see this one in the heart of London's West End, just outside the Covent Garden tube station.


1. American Professor of Landscape Architecture Stanley Hart White took out a patent for an early form of green walls as early as 1938; the patent ("Vegetation-Bearing Architectonic Structure and System (1938)" ) can be found online [HERE]. 


  1. That's such a pretty store. Love it!!!

  2. Beautiful building. The world needs more flowers in it


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