Good Morning!

Today's post is a nod to my days at "Practical Reptile Keeping" - this image from the archives is a Sidewinder snake, Crotalus cerastes, taken on a visit to London Zoo. It comes from a period when I was taking a lot of wildlife pictures for personal use, as well as doing quite a bit of botanical photography for commercial purposes.

The sidewinder is a venomous pit viper found in the Southwestern USA and Northern Mexico. I happy never to have seen one in the wild, so don't have any anecdotes or insights to add to the picture. Its biological/Latin name, Crotalus cerastes, puts it in the same genus (Crotalus) as various rattlesnakes, of which there are somewhere between 32 and 45 species currently recognised, depending upon whom you ask.

The next scheduled post will be on Monday, when it will be time for another installment of the "Quotables" series.
In the meantime, all that remains is to off you best wishes for a great Friday and for the weekend thereafter.


  1. Fluffy! Do you think he'd be up for some stroking and cuddling?

  2. Beautiful snake: amazing creatures.


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